Traditional (online) dating doesn’t work for everyone. First Dates podcast follows the dating lives of two of these failures – Rory Goodman-Farley (@RoryNotRoy) & Zoë Klar (@madamezooble) – in their quest for meeting that tolerable someone.

Depending on which way they swing, our guests will go on a 25 minute date with either Rory or Zoë and while the hosts will be competing against each other to be known as the better dater, the podcast is really to give these wonderful guests space to flesh out who they are beyond their online persona.

Whether they release their pent up sexual energy, reveal themselves to be a shy romantic or just flat out demonstrate why they spend most of their time online, our First Daters will be given the freedom to express their true selves.


Special thanks to Andy Sold for the jingle(s) and @pants for the logo(s)